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Site Policy

This website is operated by Brain Communications. Please verify the following upon using the website. Additionally, please note that the information contained in this page is subject to change without prior notice.

Recommended Operating Environment

The use of Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 or a higher version is recommended when using this website. Please note that even when a recommended operating environment is used, this website may be inaccessible or may not display properly depending on Web browser settings.

Copyrights, Trademark Rights and Other Rights

The copyrights, trademarks and other rights pertaining to the text, illustrations, logos, etc. featured on this website are the property of Brain Communications or their original owners. The duplication, alteration, conversion, forwarding, distribution, leasing, display, commercial use, etc. of said contents without the prior consent of Brain Communications for purposes other than non-commercial ones is strictly prohibited by law. Such illegal acts may result in associated criminal liability being called into question or claims being filed by the rights holder for the compensation of damages.


As a general rule, links to this website may be freely established provided that all of the following important points are adhered to. -Brain Communications reserves the right to refuse links to its website that are for commercial purposes or those whose purpose is to offend public order and morals or other purposes that Brain Communications judges to be inappropriate. -Please note that the URL of this website is subject to change without prior notice.


Brain Communications exercises great care in verifying the contents that it posts on this website prior to putting them up. However, the information on this website may be out of date, include statements that might be prone to causing misunderstanding, or contain typographical errors. As it does not guarantee the updatedness, security, accuracy, etc. of that information, Brain Communications will not be liable for any and all damages that result from information characterized by the foregoing. Additionally, information on this website may be changed, updated, interrupted, suspended or deleted without prior notice. Brain Communications will not be liable for any damages whatsoever that occur as a result.

Established on October 10, 2006
(Final Version) Revised on December 1, 2014

Privacy Policy

(Regarding Handling of Personal Information) Brain Communications hereby sets forth the below basic policy on the handling of personal information. All of its employees shall understand the intent of and adhere to this policy in order for Brain Communications to manage all of the personal information in its possession.

1. Purpose of Gathering Personal Information and Scope of Use of Said Information

Upon gathering personal information, Brain Communications will make the purpose of that gathering of information clear and only gather information to the extent that it is required. Additionally, upon using personal information, Brain Communications will use said information within the scope for which it obtained agreement upon gathering the information, and will not use it for purposes other than that.

2. Provision and Consignment of Personnel Information

Brain Communications will not provide a third party with the information that it has gathered unless it has the consent of the provider of that information (Note that this does not apply to cases where Brain Communications has been requested to disclose information according to the law.). Additionally, in cases where it becomes necessary to use information beyond its established purpose of use, Brain Communications will only use that information after it has notified the provider of that information and obtained their consent anew. Should it consign operations to another party for the established purpose of use, Brain Communications will strictly manage and supervise the handling of personal information by the consignee in question to ensure that they do not divulge personal information, supply it to a secondary party, etc.

3. Implementation of Security Measures

In order to protect personal information from various threats, Brain Communications will implement tight security measures to prevent personal information from being illegally accessed, lost, destroyed, tampered with, leaked, etc. Additionally, should improvements to security measures be required based on the observations, requests, etc. of providers of personal information, Brain Communications will promptly administer those improvements.

4. Disclosure, Deletion and Correction of Personal Information

Should providers of personal information request its disclosure, correction, deletion or the suspension of its use, Brain Communications will comply with that request within a rational timeframe and scope.

5. Legal Compliance and Improvement in Personal Information Management Framework

In addition to complying with applicable laws, ordinances and norms with respect to the handling of personal information, Brain Communications will review the above items as appropriate and make improvements going forward so that personal information is handled in a proper manner.

Established on October 10, 2006
(Final Version) Revised on October 10, 2006