We link ourselves up with brains and new talent outside our organization to deliver astonishment and emotion.
More specifically, we diffuse a single project across numerous, wide-ranging genres that include TV programs, online video, events, the publication of books, commoditization, and lectures and seminars by celebrities and cultural figures.
By aligning a variety of media and facilitating communication, we proceed to materialize “new value” and “contents” that bear a myriad of shapes out of a single project.

As an example, for “Takeshi‘s Todoroki Base,” a TV program created by Brain Communications, we linked together program planning and golf manufacturers to develop original merchandise such as the golf clubs “Tobu Watson” and “Watashi Pata Yo Ne,” and sell that merchandise over the Internet through the “Todoroki Base Official Variety Store.”

Furthermore, we have also developed original merchandise through collaborating with a shop that is referred to as “a temple of subculture.” We sell that merchandise at physical stores.

Through taking such a multi-angle approach, we bring forth new contents that boast tremendous quality, and offer end users an abundance of services.